Adam Lesh

QuestXR – Founder/CEO/CTO
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Adam is an emerging technology subject matter expert, evangelist, and public speaker, with 30 years of experience specializing in web3/blockchain/fintech, digital transformation, software development, and digital content, currently working at the intersection of web3, gaming, extended reality, and digital assets.

A pioneer in digital entertainment, Adam developed the DVD authoring process for Warner Bros., as well as represented WB at conferences and Studio collaborations. Adam left WB to start the first independent DVD authoring facility, Advanced Media Post, growing it to a full-service boutique post-production facility.

After selling AMP, Adam spent several years at various companies, both large and small, working on Blu-ray (BD Live and BD 3D) and digital file masters, studio operations, and interdepartmental processes before joining SingularDTV/Breaker to help realize its blockchain-based digital content rights and revenue management ecosystem. He also served as Co-Chair of CompTIA’s Blockchain/Web3 Advisory Council.

The Case for a Web3 Asset Standard – Adam Lesh, Founder/CEO/CTO at QuestXR