Alexey Semeney

DevTeam.Space – Founder / CEO
Los Angeles, California, United States


Alexey is the Founder of DevTeam.Space, where he has led the team since 2016 to build innovative software products for more than 350 companies, including Airbus, NEC, Carvana, Poynt, and top startups. Alexey and his team have also helped early-stage startups with various product development tactics to raise over $140M in funding, get accepted into top startup accelerators, and get successfully acquired.
Alexey was named one of the US’s top 26 startup mentors at the Founder Institute Global Startup Mentor Award in 2022. He also serves on the review panel of Band of Angels, Silicon Valley’s oldest angel investment group.

How to Raise Funds and Build a Successfull Software Product Without Prior Experience – Alexey Semeney, Founder & CEO of Devteam