Erin Magennis

TalentDAO – Chief of Staff
Greater Chicago Area


Erin is a neuroscience-trained innovation strategist renowned for her dynamic approach to leveraging emerging technologies and scientific discoveries to pioneer new possibilities. Her distinctive blend of skills and insights has earned her accolades as one of the Top 100 Innovators and one of the 25 Rising Tech Leaders to Watch.

Often referred to as the “Chief Glue Officer,” Erin excels in her role as a connector, adept at integrating product development, business operations, and market positioning across diverse teams in emerging markets to drive substantial impact. Her unique ability to navigate complex ecosystems has also earned her the nicknames “Fire-Putter-Outer” and “Ecosystem Sherpa.”

Fueled by an insatiable curiosity—which her neuroscience advisor once remarked as unparalleled—Erin has explored a variety of roles to understand and optimize every facet of a system. Her current focus lies at the intersection of technology, people, and science, particularly in areas like augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, community building, and data-driven research. These elements are central to her work in designing resilient solutions for today’s challenges.

Erin has led several notable projects, including:
– **DeSci Landscape Analysis**, which identifies industry opportunities, gaps, and trends in decentralized science.
– **COVID-19 Response Initiative**, launched within four days and resulted in seven successful projects, including a new health department website.
– **Autonomic Workshop**, focusing on the role of stress in Dysautonomia, tailored for pediatric and adult generalists and neurologists, coupled with research on POTS and the gut microbiome.
– **Research on Cluster B1 Mycobacteriophages**, presented at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute SEA-PHAGES Symposium.

Erin is also a forward-thinker in emerging fields such as VR meditations, mental health wearables, and decentralized science. Her vast experience has made her a sought-after speaker at over 300 events and a consultant dedicated to translating complex concepts into accessible, actionable solutions.

DESCI Landscape: Decentralized Science – Erin Magennis, Chief of Staff at talentDAO