Siddhant Agarwal

Developer Relations Lead – APAC @ Neo4j
Karnataka, India


Siddhant Agarwal is a community builder boasting a decade-long career building communities, fostering innovation, and scaling ecosystems in India. Currently, he leads Developer Communities across APAC at Neo4j, a leader in Graph Database and Analytics Industry.

Sid previously empowered professional and student developers and led Google’s Developer Relations initiatives in India, including Google Developer Experts, Developer Student Clubs and TensorFlow User Groups. In 2019, he collaborated with the Indian government to launch the “Build for Digital India” program, mobilizing over 7,000 students to tackle national challenges with code.

A design thinking expert, Sid mentors startups in UX and AI. He has been recognized as one of ACM’s Distinguished Speakers and was the finalist for the CMX Community Industry Awards.

The Art of Possible with Graphs – Siddhant Agarwal, Tech Community Manager at Neo4j